Rebekah Sheldon


Rebekah is a doctoral candidate in the History Department at St Louis University. Her research interests focus on the interaction of various social and religious mores in the early middle ages. These include missions and reform preaching, attitudes towards sexuality and violence, competing ideas of what constitutes honor or heroism, and the development of Christian monogamy during the early middle ages in both Western Christendom and Byzantium, particularly how Christianization efforts affected this development. Geographically, she is focused on Carolingian and Byzantine societies, but is also interested in these parallel issues in medieval Islamic societies. She is currently working on her dissertation on two Byzantine penitentials and their relationship with the western penitentials.

Prior to Saint Louis University, Rebekah received her B.A. in 2010 from the University of Pennsylvania, double majoring in history and astrophysics. In her spare time, Rebekah enjoys painting badly.


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