Cindy Stachecki


M.A., History, Saint Louis University, May 2005
B.G.S., Gonzaga University, May 2003
B.S., Chemistry & Math, Creighton University, May 1979

Year Matriculated into Graduate Program:
Fall 2003

Graduate Field:
United States History

United States history, 20th Century; American political history; Modern European history

Dissertation and Advisor
Dissertation: "Why the ERA Failed in Illinois: The Clash of Politics and Ideology"

Abstract: My dissertation analyzes the political battles over the Equal Rights Amendment in the Illinois legislature from 1972 to 1982. As a pivotal battleground state, Illinois became the focus of national lobbying efforts both for and against the amendment. Although proponents tried to paint the issue as one of national import, state and local politics ultimately determined the fate of the ERA. The state battles reflected larger political transformations in both major parties as well as the social conflict over normative gender roles occurring at the national level.

Advisor: Donald T. Critchlow

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