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History Major (B.A.)

History majors are educated in basic intellectual and communication skills that are valued in business, journalism, public service, law, and many other fields. In recent years, undergraduates have augmented studies in history with education, political science, foreign language, or business administration--combinations which have proven attractive in medicine, business, and government service.

Saint Louis University history students learn to interpret a variety of sources and develop skills of finding relevant information and evidence and the ability to articulate an argument. They practice clear and forceful writing. Students who major in history must complete thirty-six hours of history courses, including two introductory History courses required of all students in the College of Arts and Sciences and twenty-seven hours of upper-division courses.

University Core Requirements and Prerequisites

  • HIST 1110: Origins of the Modern World to 1500.
  • HIST 1120: Origins of the Modern World since 1500.

Introductory Courses Requirements

  • HIST 2800: The Historian's Craft

Upper Division Requirements

In addition to History 1110, 1120, and 2800, majors must complete twenty-seven hours of upper-division History courses (2600 and higher level) . With the approval of a student's mentor, a student will be encouraged to choose a concentration and pursue it through elective study. Two upper-division courses in fields closely related to History may be substituted to fulfill six hours of this requirement. The same course cannot be used to satisfy requirements for more than one major or the core. The twenty-seven hour requirement must include 3 hours each of pre- and post-1500 history and 3 hours in each of the following:

  • 3 hours of European history.
  • 3 hours of pre-1865 U.S. history.
  • 3 hours of post-1865 U.S. history.
  • 3 hours of non-western history, including Asian, African, Middle Eastern, or Latin American.
  • 12 hours upper-level electives (2000 level or above).
    • Students may substitute an approved historical internship for one of the required upper-level elective courses.
  • 3 hours of senior seminar.
    • Seminar Prerequisite: two History courses level 2700 and above and instructor approval
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