Kyle Lincoln


My work investigates the history of the Church in the Kingdom of Castile during the reign of Alfonso VIII of Castile (r. 1158-1214). It reconstructs the political, economic, legal and administrative machinations of the bishops and archbishop of the kingdom during a pivotal moment in the grand campaigns of the Reconquest. It employs typically underutilized religious sources to construct a narrative, against which larger social and cultural themes are contrasted in order to better connect the Iberian experience with the usually-negligent tripole of England, France, and the Empire.

Active in administrative aspects of university life, I serve as the President of the Graduate Student Association, which serves as the primary advocacy group for all graduate students at Saint Louis University. I am also the Communications Director for the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain, the oldest and largest group of medieval hispanists in North America

Prior to SLU, I earned a B.A. in Classical Civilizations from Kalamazoo. I then earned my M.A. in Medieval History from Saint Louis University, with a thesis entitled "A Canon from Castile: The Early Life of St. Dominic of Osma (1170/4-1207)".

When not in the adjunct office, I may be found either at my role as the Adj. Asst. Prof. of Classical Languages and Cultures at Webster University, or doing something extreme like SCUBA 


"Una cum Uxore Mea: Alfonso VIII, Leonor Plantagenet, and Marriage Alliances at the Court of Castile", Revista Chilena de los Estudios Medievales, 4, (July/Dec. 2013): 11-32.

"‘Holding the Place of the lord Pope Celestine': The legations of Gregory, Cardinal-Deacon of Sant'Angelo (1192-4 & 1196-7)", Anuario de la Historia de la Iglesia, 24,(2014): 471-500.

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