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Welcome to the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at Saint Louis University. In addition to cultivating language proficiency, each of our programs explores both the literature and cultures of the language studied. For more information, click on our programs of study to the left.

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Outstanding Senior Awards 2016

Ajay Chatrath (Russian Studies) and Kurtis Breger (Russian Club President and Russian Studies minor) were both recognized at the Student Excellence Awards Ceremony in Spring 2016. 

Kurtis was nominated by the Department of Chemistry and Ajay by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. More info on Ajay can be found on the Russian Division's page here

The 2016 Grueber Awards

The annual Grueber Awards for Globalization at Saint Louis University were presented to LLC Chair Annie Smart, Patrick McCarthy, Patrick Schrauth, Barb Rajski and Emily Haas.

The Grueber Awards recognized these members of the SLU community who share in the innovative and daring spirit by advancing the international and global mission of Johann Grueber, an early Jesuit of Saint Louis University.

More info available here.

Student Spotlight: Xiaoying "Lucie" Wang


Lucie was the 2015 Recipient of GSA annual Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

"I entered the graduate program in French with a Teaching Assistantship in 2013. Over two years, as a graduate student, I have attended interesting classes of various topics and gained a more profound knowledge of French language and literature. Last spring, I presented two papers at graduate student conferences. I also became GSA Representative and have been serving on the Events Committee of the department.

I have been very much inspired by my professors who have different personalities and teaching styles but all share their passion for French teaching and caring for students. I learned a lot from them and try to develop my own teaching philosophy.

As a teaching assistant, I have taught classes and labs in French 1010, 1020, provided tutoring to students at all levels and organized cultural activities. I enjoy working with students everyday. After four semesters' hard work, I completed the Certificate of University Teaching Skills at the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning with the help of my faculty mentor Dr. Cassandra Hamrick. Besides my training at SLU, I have also participated in French teaching workshops held by other organizations such as American Association of Teachers of French and the Centre Francophone.Teaching is tough but rewarding work, especially when my students make progress and share their enthusiasm for French culture and language learning. Having received this teaching award is a huge encouragement for me.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and resources provided by our department and faculty. After graduation, I will consider teaching as my career and promote foreign language learning. I hope that more and more people can realize that learning a foreign language is more than just a boost to the CV or handy for traveling. It will open our minds and make us embrace the whole world and its rich cultural diversity."

Faculty Spotlight: Ángeles Encinar Ph.D.


Ángeles Encinar is Professor of Spanish Literature at Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus. She has been Visiting Professor at University of Texas at Austin, Stanford University, Washington University in Saint Louis, University of Illinois at Chicago and Växjö Universitet (Sweden).

Her research focuses Spanish prose of the XX and XXI centuries. Her works have been published in Spanish, European and American academic journals. Some of her books are: Siguiendo el hilo. Estudios sobre el cuento español actual; Cuento español actual (1992-2012); Critical Edition of La orilla oscura de José María Merino; Ignacio Aldecoa, Maestro del cuento. Nuevas perspectivas sobre su obra y Antología de cuentos; Maneras de vivir. Antología de cuentos de Ignacio Aldecoa; Más por menos. Antología de microrrelatos hispánicos actuales; Género y géneros. Escritura y escritoras iberoamericanas; La pluralidad narrativa. Escritores españoles contemporáneos (1984-2004); Historias de detectives; Cuentos de este siglo. Treinta narradoras españolas contemporáneas; Cuento español contemporáneo; y Novela española actual: La desaparición del héroe.



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