Saint Louis University

The French program at Saint Louis University offers a wide range of courses aimed at the mastery of the French language, and at the understanding of French and Francophone cultures. A diverse curriculum includes courses in Francophone studies, film, women writers, French for the professional, as well as courses in French literature from the Middle Ages to the present, and interdisciplinary courses.

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Toni Schatte, Rosemary Bornstein, and Morgan Norris, pictured here, are currently studying with the SLU program in Lyon.

Recent Graduates 

Sarika Vora (French Minor, class of 2016) now works at Johnson and Johnson with the Clinical Oncology team. Patrick Glasgow, (French Minor, class of 2016) now works for a major Japanese company in International Sales. 


Rosemary Bornstein (French, International Studies, Public Health), currently studying with the SLU program in Lyon, has been accepted to participate in a program for study abroad students at the Auschwitz Jewish Center (link). After completing the Auschwitz program, she will be a part of a volunteer program to work with migrants in Calais, France. Calais is presently a major center for migrants seeking passage to England in the search of a haven from the violence in their home countries.

Rosemary Bornstein is pictured here in front of UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Tim Wilhelm (MA student in French, pictured far left) was a participant in the Auschwitz program in 2013. 

Morgan Norris is also studying this year in Lyon, where she is currently taking a variety of courses, including Contemporary French Immigration, Contemporary French Politics, Islam and Politics, "Liberté, égalitié et sororité (the Feminist Movement), Gender in Francophone Literature, and Translation of English and French Literature. Morgan is pictured here (right) at Lyon's unique bookstore called the "Bal des Ardents".