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Are You...

  • Intent on becoming conversant in German in order to enhance your global career opportunities in international and domestic business, marketing, law, translation, government service, news services, the publishing industry or International Studies?
  • Interested in gaining cultural proficiency in German, thus expanding your horizons and acquiring new perspectives with which to view your own culture?
  • Fascinated by the humanistic and multidisciplinary nature of studying a foreign language and its culture?
  • Curious about language, rhetoric, and communication?
  • Keen on studying or interning in the German-speaking world?
  • Thinking about becoming a German teacher?
  • Looking to acquire German as a tool for graduate study in history, political science, library science and/or other areas?

Lyonel Feininger, Torturm III (1925)

The German Studies program at Saint Louis University offers:

  • Bachelor of Arts in German Studies / an additional major in German in conjunction with another declared major
  • Minor in German

All degree options involve learning German in a highly communicative atmosphere and entail a multidisciplinary approach to the history, politics, society, and culture of the German-speaking world. Students completing a degree in German will find many fields open to them. Students have also gone to graduate school and have received financial awards from such institutions as Ohio State University, the University of Illinois, Newcastle University and Washington University.

Student Testimonial

"When I think back on my time at Saint Louis University, I can honestly say that taking German lead to my best and most adventurous memories. Not only were my German professors extremely intelligent and dedicated to their positions as leaders in their field, but they consistently exhibited a knowledge and passion for all things German that allowed me to get even more excited for learning a new culture and language. Our learning consisted of more than merely reading from a German textbook and conjugating verbs aloud. By encompassing unique and out of the classroom experiences and projects, our German professors at SLU expanded our limits of thought on what German culture is, what this culture's influences mean to the world past and present, and what concepts define it. Some of these unique experiences included learning to cook German foods, visiting art museums to find out firsthand what emotions are represented in German art, and traveling outdoors for a full weekend of German language activities, German singing, and German movie watching. One can find that being surrounded by all of these exhilarating and different forms of experiencing a new culture expands the desire to be completely encompassed by it.

"It was this desire invoked by the German program at SLU that caused me to look into studying abroad in Germany. Although I had originally planned on going to a country that allowed me to take courses in English to fulfill my obligation to the International Studies major program, the focus with which my German professors at SLU prepared me for taking college level courses in German ultimately pushed me to explore Germany. While at first I may have been fearful of becoming completely immersed in an entirely new culture and environment, in reality, I had the best experiences of my college career while studying abroad in Germany. I formed lifelong friendships with people from all over the world. I hiked through beautiful landscape in the Black Forest to reach breathtaking ruins and waterfalls. I reconnected with my German roots and relatives and explored my ancestors' hometown of Delbrück. I celebrated German holidays, birthdays, and World Cup soccer victories alongside my new German friends and companions at the university cafeteria, local pubs, and in intimate home settings. I traveled throughout the region, in neighboring cities, across the country, and even to other countries to get a taste of the individuality for each area and appreciate the differences. I ate, drank, and studied with friends alongside gorgeous riverbanks, outside castle ruins, and atop mountains, and although I could go on for ages, I think I've given a pretty vivid picture. :)

"I would never have been able to say I did all of those things without the support of all of the German professors that I had in the German program at SLU. Their encouragement of my desire to explore new areas and learn all the nuances of a different culture have pushed me to become a better version of myself and a more dynamic individual as a whole. This is why I would encourage anyone to join the German program at SLU!"

Sarah Sandheinrich, 2011 Graduate

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