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Simone Bregni, Ph.D., Director
Morrissey Hall 1523


  • Italian is one of the major European cultural languages. Throughout the centuries Italians have made a fundamental contribution to the development of Western civilization in such fields as literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, music, philosophy and the sciences. Italian is very important for students of these disciplines.

  • Italy is the cradle of Roman civilization and also heir to part of Greek civilization (in Magna Graecia), Italian is indispensable for the study of Greco-Roman history, art and archeology.

  • Italy is part of the seven most industrialized countries in the world. The study of Italian will open the door to one of the most exciting countries of Europe. The Italian scene of today is extraordinarily rich in such fields as literature, performing arts, cinema, design, politics, sports, fashion, and industry. Hundreds of American companies operate in Italy.

  • Many professional graduate schools are open to language majors: Law schools, schools of International Affairs or Diplomacy, etc.


  • The Italian section at St. Louis University offers language courses at different levels, which satisfy the language requirements. A variety of courses dealing in Italian art, history, music, spirituality, politics and philosophy are offered through different Departments at SLU.

  • A variety of Study Abroad programs in Italy are available for students of Italian. Italy is a great place to visit!


"When deciding where I was going to study abroad, there was no question as to which country; I had dreamed of studying in Italy my whole life. As a result, I spent six months in Bologna, where I was able to experience a culture that centers on truly enjoying every aspect of life, especially something as basic as eating. For obvious reasons, Italy's food culture is famous throughout the world, with pizza and pasta being universally understood words. Italian food culture, however, has much greater consequences than simply being delicious. Its real significance lies in the way Italian culture stresses the sharing of meals in community with others, which serves as a way of connecting people. For most Italians, food is linked with family and childhood memories. Studying abroad in Italy allows you to truly experience the ability of food to create friendships and share in happiness with others. Beyond food, Italy offers the opportunity to experience a country in crossroads, caught in between an economic crisis and mass influxes of immigrants. It allows you to be apart of an era that has great influence on millions of people's lives and to use this to better understand how to better function in any mixed cultural community. Italy as a whole has had such a significant impact on all of Western culture, that being able to live and experience it firsthand is truly an incredible life-changing experience." -Catie Alviti

RECENT EVENTS: Italian Club of St. Louis Award Dinner - November 18, 2015
Students of Italian Kayla Colwell (Junior, ITAL 2010) and Kimberly Webb (Freshman, ITAL 1010) giving their "Grazie!/Thank you" speech at the Italian Club of St. Louis dinner at Forest Park Community College. Kayla and Kim each received a certificate and a $500 award towards their study abroad experience. Kayla and Kim were joined by last year's recipient, Catie Alviti (Senior, Biology and Italian Studies Major), who shared how the award helped her have a successful intercultural formative experience while abroad. The entire SLU Italian Faculty attended the event: Dr. Simone Bregni, Dr. Claudia Karagoz, Dr. Elena Dalla Torre and Prof. Theresa Biggs. Grazie mille/Many thanks to the Italian Club of St. Louis and their president, Chris Stephens, for their generosity. Bravissime Kayla, Kim and Catie! Congratulazioni!