Saint Louis University

Dr. Yelena Belyaeva-Standen
Yelena Belyaeva-Standen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Russian
Doktor of philological sciences: Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, USSR, 1988.
Kandidat of philological sciences: Kiev State University, USSR.
Diploma: Voronezh State University, Voronezh, USSR.
Morrissey Hall 1541

Elizabeth Blake, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Russian (NTT)
Ph.D. Slavic Literatures and Linguistics, The Ohio State University, 2001
B. A. French and Russian Studies, The College of William and Mary, 1992
Special Areas of Interest:
Dostoevsky and Tolstoy Studies
Literature of Empire and Exile (Russian, Polish, French)
Russian Orthodoxy and Polish/French Catholicism
Russian and East European Drama and Film Studies
Gender Studies
Morrissey Hall 1452

Dr. David T. Murphy
David T. Murphy, Ph.D.
Professor of Modern Languages
M.A. Czech Literature, Columbia University, 1968
Ph.D. Slavic Linguistics, Columbia University, 1975
Coordinator, Russian Division
Special Areas of Interest: 
Russian Linguistics
Old Russian Architecture and Painting
Comparative Slavic Morphology
Old Czech Literature
Czech and Polish Languages

Morrissey Hall 3511