Saint Louis University

The study of foreign and classical languages in their cultural contexts liberates you from a single pattern of thinking and acting. Having gained familiarity with another way of life and mode of apprehending reality, the mind is brought to see that patterns of thought and elements of culture can be widely variant, rather than fixed and absolute. Hence, one of the fruits of language study is a broader understanding both of oneself and of the person and customs of others, an exceedingly important virtue in today's increasingly globalized world. In addition, language study helps develop analytical and synthetic reasoning and provides a better understanding of a person's first language and of language in general.

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures has developed comprehensive curricula that are easily compatible with majors in others fields of the humanities and social and natural sciences. If you would like to pursue this double-major option, you will find that foreign and classical language study also results in better qualifications for professional employment in a number of rewarding careers.