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Welcome to the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at Saint Louis University. In addition to cultivating language proficiency, each of our programs explores both the literature and cultures of the language studied. For more information, click on our programs of study to the left.

Graduate Student Spotlight: Leda Riley


Leda Riley
Dual French MA Program

"When I was offered the opportunity to pioneer SLU's first dual MA program with Poitiers University, I was excited for multiple reasons. I was excited for the opportunity to further my French while pursuing a higher education; I was excited for the invaluable and unique experience I would gain working in a French school system, both as a student and as an English teacher; and lastly, I was excited for the chance to return to France, a country and a culture that I have come to love. I am truly honored to have had this experience, and I thank SLU, and particularly the French department, for their support, encouragement, and this life-changing opportunity.

"After an exciting and fulfilling two years, and both degrees successfully achieved, I am determined to extend my French background into my future experience. With many more options than I had expected, I am currently working on becoming involved with the Marjorie Kovler Center in Chicago as a communicator for French-speaking refugees (mainly from African countries) here in the United States. Not only would I be able to utilize my French by interpreting, transcribing and conversing with French speakers, I would also have the opportunity to pursue my interest in migrant representation while directly helping other people, transforming simultaneously the lives of others and my own."

Faculty Spotlight: Simone Bregni, Ph.D.

In Spring 2017, Dr. Bregni will use the Learning Studio to teach ITAL 1200, Intensive Italian for Gamers. The course, which will provide two semesters of language requirement in one, has been re-designed to specifically attract and respond to the interests of video game players. Dr. Bregni began learning foreign languages (English) and playing video games (Pong) in 1975. [Other interests, such as comics and music, also helped bolster his language learning, but it was his passion for video games that most aided his language acquisition. Video games quickly transitioned to complex textual and graphic adventures in the latter ‘80s. His foreign language skills rapidly improved while reading in a foreign language, applying reading comprehension to problem solving, and using writing to attain goals and solutions, while having fun doing so.]

Video games became a mass phenomenon around 1998 and this led him to explore the full potential of gaming as interactive multi-media narratives for the language classroom. At the time, he was also a freelance writer for the leading Italian video game magazine, Super Console. The experience further stimulated him to pursue the potential use of games in learning. Games have evolved into a medium that is a fully-interactive multimedia experience combining real-time animation, speech/dialogue and textual interaction. Students can even learn about the history and everyday life of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance using the excellent Assassin's Creed series, as well as learn everyday activities, engage in conversations and even acquire friends across continents while exploring virtual worlds.

Dr. Elizabeth Blake

Dr. Simone Bregni
Associate Professor of Italian



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