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 Faculty News

Visiting Faculty

  • The department is pleased to announce that  Roger Pouivet (Université de Lorraine) will join the department as the Collins Visiting Professor. Professor Poulvet will offer a grad seminar during the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • The department hosted Godehard Brüntrup (Munich School of Philosophy)as our Collins Visiting Professor for Fall 2013.
  • Barbara Merker, (Frankfurt) was our Frankfurt Visiting Professor during Spring 2013. She gave a seminar focusing on Hannah Arendt.  
  • Christopher Shields (Oxford) joined the department in the fall of 2012 as the Collins Visiting Professor. The topic of his graduate seminar was Aristotle on the Soul.
  • Professor Dr. Friedmann Buddensiek (Frankfurt) joined the department in Spring 2012 as the Frankfurt Exchange Professor. He gave a seminar on  Aristotle's Metaphysics.

Honors & Awards

  • The American Catholic Philosophical Association selected Eleonore Stump as the recipient of the Aquinas Medal for 2013. More information about the Aquinas Medal as well as a list of past recipients can be found here.  
  • Jon Jacobs has been awarded the Marc Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Religion for his paper "The ineffable, incomprehensible, and inconceivable God: Fundamentality and apophatic theology". The paper will be published in the upcoming issue of Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion.
  • John Greco and Eleonore Stump are recipients of a John Templeton Foundation award for over 3 million dollars. The award supports an interdisciplinary research initiative studying the subject of intellectual humility. (Full story here.)
  • John Greco is the new editor for American Philosophical Quarterly
  • A festschrift honoring the work of our own John Doyle (Emeritus) has just appeared with Marquette University Press. (Details here.) 
  • Eleonore Stump has been named to the American Academy of Sciences. She is the first faculty member from Saint Louis University to be selected to join the academy. She was formally inducted into the Academy in October 2012. More details can be found here.  
  • Susan Brower-Toland and Jon Jacobs received a Templeton Foundation Course Grant for their upcoming graduate seminar in Analytic Theology.  The seminar, which is cross-listed in Theology and Philosophy, will be offered in Spring of 2013.
  • Bill Charron was selected as the 2012 faculty speaker for Saint Louis University's annual Last Lecture Series. His lecture, "In the Beginning is My End", was featured in the University News. Read the article here.

Recent Faculty Publications



  • The department is pleased to announce an upcoming conference focusing on the topic of Transformative Experiences.  The conference, funded by the Res Philosophica, will be held on Sept 19-20, 2014. Keynote speakers include: Rachael Brigges, Jennifer Carr, Ruth Chang, John Collins, and Laurie Paul. 
  • Scott Ragland is organizing the 2014 Henle Conference (April 4-5, 2014). The conference focuses on the philosophy ofDescartes. Speakers include: Gary Hatfield, Tad Schmaltz, Dan Garber, Deborah Brown, Lisa Shapiro, and Lex Newman.
  • The 2013 Graduate Student Conference (October 2013) will focus on the issue of Metaphilosophy. Keynote speakers are Roy Sorensen (WashU) and William Ramsey(UNLV).
  • Saint Louis University's Philosophy Department was pleased to host the first annual MAWM (Midwest Annual Workshop in Metaphysics). The program can be found here
  • The 2012 Graduate Student Conference (March 2013) focused on the issue of the Problem of Evil, with Alvin Plantinga and Paul Draper as keynote speakers. 
  • Dan Haybron organized the 2012 Henle Conference (March 30-31st, 2012). The conference is devoted to the topic of Happiness and Well-being. Speakers include: Richard Kraut, Peter Railton, Valerie Tiberius, Erik Angner, Nicole Hassoun, and Tobias Hoffmann.

Administrative Moves

  • Starting July 2012, William Rehg will serve as the Dean of the College of Philosophy and letters.
  • Effective Fall 2011, Michael Barber serves as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.


 Graduate Student News


 Recent and Forthcoming Publications

   Joshua Anderson

• "A Tension in the Political Thought of Huey P. Newton," Journal of African American Studies 16 (2012): 249-267.

• "Sen and the Bhagavad Gita: What Are the Lessons for a Theory of Justice?" Asian Philosophy 22 (2012): 63-74.

   Donald Bungam

• "Joint Attention, Union with God, and the Dark Night of the Soul," European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 5 (2013): 187-210.

   Errin Clark

• "Can the Churchlands' Neurocomputational Theory of Cognition Ground a Viable Epistemology?" in R. Scott Smith, Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality (Ashgate, 2012): 107-136.

   Robert Hartman

• "How to Apply Molinism to the Theological Problem of Moral Luck," Faith and Philosophy 31 (2014): 68-90.

• "Involuntary Belief and the Command to Have Faith," International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 69 (2011):181-192.

   Josh Johnson

• "In Defense of Emergent Individuals: A Reply to Moreland," Faith and Philosophy 31 (2014): 91-104.

• "The Private Language Argument and a Second-Person Approach to Mindreading," European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 5 (2013): 75-86.

   Nicholas Zavediuk

• "Kantian Hospitality," Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 26 (2014).

• "Review of llya Somin's Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter," Journal of Public Deliberation 10 (2014).

Honors & Awards

  • Joel Archer is a selected participant in the Summer School and International Conference on Analytic Theology at the University of Innsbruck during July and August 2014.
  • Joshua Johnson was accepted to the Emergence Summer School at Durham University. The Emergence Summer School takes place July 2014, and is hosted by the Templeton-funded Durham Emergence Project.
  • Jeremy Skrzypek has been admitted into the 2014 Thomistic Summer Seminar on "Aquinas, Christianity, and Metaphysics". The seminar (hosted by the Witherspoon Institute) is to be held at Princeton University in August of 2014.
  • Gideon Jeffrey and Robert Hartman are recipients of the Collins Graduate Student Award for 2013-2014 academic year.
  • Errin Clark was awarded a (highly competitive) university-wide dissertation fellowship for the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • Josh Anderson, Josh Johnson, and Errin Clark are Recipients of the Collins Graduate Student award for academic excellence for 2012-2013. 
  • Nick Setliff has been appointed as the Clinical Ethics Fellow, at Bon Secours Health System in Richmond Virginia. This is a two year fully funded fellowship with work in clinical and systems ethics.

Dissertation Defenses

Congratulations to all those who defended their dissertation in the 2013!

  • Bryan Cross, Alasdair MacIntyre on the Practice of Philosophy (director: Greg Beabout)
  • Faith Glavey Pawl, The Problem of Evil and Animal Suffering: A Case Study (director: Eleonore Stump)
  • Josha Heter, Epistemic Modals and Practical Reasoning (co-directors: John Greco; Joe Salerno)

Job Placement

  • Charity Anderson has accepted a tenure track position at Baylor University. She will begin in the fall of 2014. Charity moves to Baylor after having spent 2 years as a Post-Doctoral research fellowship at Oxford University. 
  • Beth Rath has received a joint appointment as Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Borromeo Seminary and John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She begins in the fall of 2014. 
  • Alex Plato has just accepted a tenure track position at Franciscan University in Steubenville. He begins in January, 2015.
  • Josh Heter has accepted a one year position at Augustana College for the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • Bryan Cross accepted a tenure track position at Mount Mercy University. He joined the faculty there in 2013. 

Undergraduate News  


Honors & Awards

  • Ben Conover is the recipient for the is the recipient of the 2014 James D. Collins Award for academic excellence in Philosophy. 

Graduate School & Professional Placement

  • Amin Nayebpour (class 2014) will be pursuing a doctorate at the New School for Social Research in New York City 
  • Ben Conover (class of 2013)and Tim Schmitz (class of 2014) will both be pursuing doctorates at the University of California-Irvine's Logic and Philosophy of Science Program.
  • Allison Walter has accepted an associate position with Washington D.C.-based Catholic Social Justice Lobby Group NETWORK.
  • Van Rynald Liceralde will be pursuing a doctorate in Cognitive Psychology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


  • On April 30th and May 1st, seniors in the philosophy department will be presenting their inquiry projects on the 2nd floor of Adorjan Hall.
  • Ben Conover and Tim Schmitz will present their senior capstone projects at the Senior Legacy Symposium on Wednesday April 23rd. 
  • The undergraduate Philosophy Club hosted its second annual Undergrad Philosophy Conference March 21-23. Keynote speakers include: Rye Jones, Yuzhou Wang, Andrew Rogers, and Kit Wellman. 
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