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Each year, the Philosophy Graduate Student Association organizes a conference around a central theme in contemporary philosophy. Traditionally, a high-profile keynote is invited to give a lecture on the conference topic. In this way, the conference not only provides a venue for graduate students to present their work, but also offers them a unique opportunity to interact with an eminent scholar in their filed of interest.  This year's conference's theme is Metaphilosophy. See details here.


Recent Conferences

2013: "Metaphilosophy." Keynotes: Roy Sorensen and William Ramsey

2012: "The Problem of Evil." Keynote: Alvin Plantinga

2011: "Social Epistemology." Keynote: Alvin Goldman

2010: "Justice and Public Disagreement: Reasons, Religion, and Value."
Keynote: Nicholas Wolterstorff

2009: Wrongdoing, Evil, and Moral Monsters. Keynote:  Harry Frankfurt.

2008: Darwinism & Philosophy: Past, Present, and Future. Keynote: Robert Richardson.

2007: The Philosophy of Mind. Keynote: Timothy O'Connor. .

2006: The Epistemology of Religious Belief. Keynote: Robert Audi

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