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Michael Barber Michael Barber, S.J
Phenomenology, Ethics, and Social Philosophy
Gregory Beabout Gregory Beabout
(Associate Professor)
Ethics, Kierkegaard,
Catholic Social Thought
Scott Berman Scott Berman
(Associate Professor)
Greek Philosophy, Contemporary Metaphysics
James Bohman James Bohman
(Danforth Professor in the Humanities) Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science,
Susan Brower-Toland Susan Brower-Toland
(Associate Professor)
Medieval Philosophy

John Greco John Greco
(Leonard and Elizabeth Eslick Chair in Philosophy)
Dan Haybron Dan Haybron
(Associate Professor)
Jonathan Jacobs Jonathan Jacobs
(Assistant Professor)
Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
Jack Marler Jack Marler
(Associate Professor)
Plotinus, Augustine, Early Medieval Philosophy
Colleen McCluskey Colleen McCluskey
(Associate Professor)
Medieval Philosophy, Ethics, Feminism
Scott Ragland Scott Ragland
(Associate Professor)
Early Modern Philosophy, Descartes
William Rehg William Rehg, S.J.
Argumentation Theory, Science & Technology Studies, Ethics & Social-Political Theory
Joe Salerno Joe Salerno
(Associate Professor)
Epistemology and Philosophy of Logic
KEnt Staley Kent Staley
(Associate Professor)
Philosophy of Science
Eleonore Stump Eleonore Stump
(Henle Professor of Philosophy)
Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics
George Terzis George Terzis
(Associate Professor)
Greek Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Mind
Theodore Vitali Theodore R. Vitali, C.P.
Philosophical Theology, Process Metaphysics, Environmental and Business Ethics
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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