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The Wade Memorial Lecture is held annually in honor of Fr. William Wade, S. J., who chaired the department from 1943-1966.  Fr. Wade was responsible for building an outstanding department that included James Collins, Leonard Eslick, George Klubertanz, S. J., Robert J. Henle, S. J., and others.  Throughout the years, Wade Lecturers have reflected the growing and changing interests of the department.  Most recently, Wade Lecturers have addressed issues in the philosophy of science (Deborah Mayo), epistemology (Robert Brandom, Ernest Sosa, Duncan Pritchard, John Hawthorne), social and political philosophy (Charles Sabel, Otfried Hoeffe), philosophy of religion (Richard Swinburne, Alvin Plantinga, Peter Van Inwagen), and medieval philosophy (Scott McDonald, Norman Kretzmann, John F. Wippel).

Next year's (2011) Wade Lecture will be given by Nancy Cartwight at the upcoming Putting Powers To Work conference.


Previous Wade Lecturers 

2010 - Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech)
2009 -Duncan Pritchard (University of Edinburgh)

2008 - John Hawthorne (Oxford)
2007 - Ernest Sosa (Brown)
2006 - Robert Brandom (U of Pittsburgh)
2005 - Charles Sabel (Columbia Law)
2004 - John Wippel (CUA)
2003 - Scott McDonald (Cornell)
2002 - Sarah Broadie (U of St. Andrews)
2001 - Otfried Hoeffe ( Tubingen)
2000 - Richard Bernstein (New School)
1999 - Peter van Inwagen (Notre Dame )
1997 - David Ray Griffin1998 - NeillDelaney/ Ernan McMullin (Notre Dame)
1996 - Thomas McCarthy (Northwestern)/Joshua Cohen (MIT)
1995 - Nicholas Wolterstorff  (Yale University)
1994 - Norman Kretzman (Cornell University)
1993 - Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis University)
1992 - Alvin Plantinga (University of Notre Dame)
1991 - Lewis S. Ford (Old Dominion University)
1990 - Richard G. Swinburne (Oxford University)

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