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The study of philosophy is intended to lead to the development of skills and habits of critical and reflective thought, a deeper understanding of the foundation and application of ethical principles, and to  the investigation and discussion of the grounds from which one examines the meaning of life.  In  all of these ways, undergraduate courses in philosophy are designed to address the cultural, critical, and religious objectives of a complete education.

Students who pursue a degree in philosophy will find themselves well-prepared for any number of career options. Philosophy provides, for example, excellent training for those interested in pursuing professional degrees in law, business, or medicine.  Not only do philosophy majors excel on entrance exams for professional programs,  but the analytical and communication skills they develop in their philosophical studies are essential for their future success in such programs. Links and further information regarding the value of studying philosophy can be found here.  

The philosophy major can be pursued along three different "tracks": Historical, Health-sciences, and Society and nd Law. The latter two are specially geared for pre-professional students.  Philosophy majors follow the B.A. core curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences.  The  major itself involves 30 hours of coursework and is completed by writing and presenting a senior inquiry project.  (For a listing of last year's presentations go here.) A philosophy minor is also offered for undergraduate students, The philosophy minor requires 18 credit hours.

The philosophy department is home to a very active philosophy club. Students are encouraged to check out the club's facebook page, and to attend any of the many events planned for this year.