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In the fall of 1992, The Philosophy Department at Saint Louis University initiated a visiting professors program.

This professorship was named in honor of Profesor James Collins, one of the foremost historians of philosophy in America. He was (along with Robert J. Henle, S.J., George Klubertanz, S.J., Vernon Burke, and Leonard Eslick) influential in making Saint Louis University one of the finest Catholic universities in America. During this time, SLU was internationally respected for the study of Saint Thomas of Aquinas and the history of philosophy.

The program allows the department to host eminent professors from abroad to teach six- to eight-week graduate seminars on topics of philosophical importance in their areas of expertise.

Recent James Collins Visiting Professors includes:

  • Christopher Shields of Oxford
  • Alexander Bird, University of Bristol
  • John Hawthorne of Oxford
  • Christoph Jaeger of the University of Aberdeen
  • Otfried Hoeffe of the University of Tubingen
  • Ludger Honnenfelder of the University of Bonn and the Albertus Magnus Institute
  • Matthias Kettner of University of Frankfurt
  • Matthias Lutz-Bachmann of University of Frankfurt
  • Dominick Perler of Humboldt University - Berlin
  • Friedo Ricken, S.J. of Hochschuler fur Philosophie - Munich
  • Richard Swinburne of Oxford University

Contact information and dates of residency are available for recent, current, and upcoming Collins Visiting Professors at the Visiting Scholars page.

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