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Dr. David S Wisbey

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Dr. David Wisbey

David S. Wisbey
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

Graduate Student
Jacob Brewster

Undergraduate Students     
Claire Stonner  
Nick Scharper
Henry Wright

Dr. Wisbey's adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator

Postdoctoral Fellowship

NIST, Boulder, CO 2008-2011
- Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics,
  Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln 2008
- M.S., Physics, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln 2005
- B.A., Physics, Union College, Lincoln, NE 2002

Research Interests
My research interests include materials for quantum computing, microwave resonators and amplifiers, and neutron detectors. Currently, I use coplanar waveguides as a tool to probe different materials including defects in Si(100), boron nitride, and graphene. Noise in electronics is a fundamental issue that occurs in many different areas including 2D materials and superconducting circuits. Decoherence is generated by materials which quantum bits are made of, this is a major obstacle preventing a working quantum computer. My background in surface science is an invaluable tool I use to address important questions about materials used in quantum computing.

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