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Dr. David S Wisbey

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Dr. David Wisbey David S. Wisbey
Department of Physics

phone: 314-977-2526
Dr. Wisbey's adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator
Graduate Student
Jacob Brewster
Undergraduate Student

Claire Stonner
Nick Scharper
Henry Wright
Postdoctoral Fellowship NIST, Boulder, CO 2008-2011
Education Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln 2008

M.S., Physics, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln 2005
B.A., Physics, Union College, Lincoln, NE 2002

Research Interests
My research interests include materials for quantum computing, microwave resonators and amplifiers, and neutron detectors. Currently, I use coplanar waveguides as a tool to probe different materials including defects in Si(100), boron nitride, and graphene. Noise in electronics is a fundamental issue that occurs in many different areas including 2D materials and superconducting circuits. Decoherence is generated by materials which quantum bits are made of, this is a major obstacle preventing a working quantum computer. My background in surface science is an invaluable tool I use to address important questions about materials used in quantum computing.

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