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Dr. Dmitry Solenov

Dr. Dmitry Solenov : Saint Louis University College of Arts and Sciences : SLU

Dmitry Solenov
Department of Physics
College of Arts and Sciences
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO 63103, USA.

phone: 314-977-2515
office: Shannon Hall, 105


PHYS 1610,
PHYS 1630,
PHYS 2620,
PHYS 3510,
PHYS 4030/5030,
PHYS 4060/5060,
PHYS 4980

Research Interests

Theoretical and Computational Condensed Matter Physics:

  • Quantum information and computing (superconducting systems, NV-diamond, quantum dots)
  • "All-surface" materials at nano- and meso-scale (phases, functionalization, transport)
  • Phase transitions and quantum phase transitions
  • Chiral magnetic ordering
  • Unconventional superconductivity

Further details about the research in our group can be found here.

Group Members

Jason Bub
undergraduate student
research focus:
First Principles Calculations
Electronic structure calculations for all-surface materials and quantum computing systems
  • APS March Meeting 2017 (contributed talk)
  • STLAURS 2017 (contributed poster)
Washma Anwar
undergraduate student
research focus:
Quantum Information
Development of faster stable numerical approaches to model multi-qubit quantum gates.
  • APS March Meeting 2017 (contributed talk)
  • APS March Meeting 2017 (contributed poster)
  • STLAURS 2017 (contributed talk)
  • STLAURS 2017 (contributed poster)
  • Award for oral presentation in “Natural Sciences” at STLAURS 2017
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