Saint Louis University

Nanomaterials and Condensed Matter Physics

The Department of Physics strives to significantly enhance and expand its research as measured by publications and external funding. Consistent with this goal, the Department of Physics at Saint Louis University will start offering the Nanomaterials and Condensed Matter Physics track in the near future. The new physics track will be part of the Integrated and Applied Sciences (IAS)  Ph.D. program which focuses on the research areas of the two newest faculty members: Nanomaterials, solid state quantum computers, and related topics in condensed matter physics. The emphasis reflects the vision of the Department of Physics to prepare a new generation of scientists and engineers to meet the challenges of the 21st century through fundamental and applied research. This updated physics track would involve close collaborations across the University.

New classes relevant to nanotechnology and quantum computing such as Nanoscience and Nanofabrication Frontiers and Experimental Physics are currently being developed. This interdisciplinary curriculum also includes chemistry, mathematics, and engineering courses. By their very nature, nanoscience and quantum information are multidisciplinary fields.