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Turning on the Tesla coil. The spark gap works, but we need to tune our coils. Now we are finding the number of turns in the Tesla coil. 

Trebuchet catapult built by SLU Physics students
Our catapult launched a projectile 35 m which tied the farthest distance. Our second launch had a much shorter distance so we only get second place. However, Dr. Wisbey has some great ideas for improvements on our next catapult! All he needs is some brilliant students who are passionate about physics and have a curiosity about launching things over great distances!


Jupiters four largest moons taken with the Saint Louis University telescope

The left image is Jupiters and it's four largest moons. The right image is some of the detail on our own moon. The Saint Louis University Physics department has several telescopes. Looking at space is one of the most amazing expereinces a person can have. Students are welcome to get out the telescopes, with the help of Dr. Wisbey, and explore the cosmos. Even though we are in the midle of a Saint Louis, you can still see Jupters moons, the rings of saturn, and giant craters on the moon!

Taking a Break From Studying

The Physics Lounge is great place to study and meet new people!

SPS Students  Students noooooo

SLU Physics majors usually can be found hanging out in the physics lounge or the modern physics lab. This is a great place to meet the other physics majors and get help on homework.

SPS Activities

One of the goals of the Society of Physics Students (SPS)  is to provide a sense of community for physics majors. SPS hosts many events during the year that allow new students in to get acquainted with the SLU physics community. This year SPS visited the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, near Chicago IL. SPS participates in the Saint Louis University "Make a Difference Day" every year. SPS officially tutors high school students at Gateway STEM Highschool.  Members provide support and study groups to help each other understand (i.e. survive!) physics courses.

To learn about SPS-SLU chapter,  and get the latest news about current and future activities, please check out its own web site at .

You'll find also the coordinates of its current officers.


Ruben's Tube
The Ruben's Tube was originally inspired by a YouTube video hosted by "Kermit the Frog" (a term of endearment, really) and construction commenced after everyone became excited about the idea. What is a Ruben's Tube? How did ours come out? See for yourself.

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