Saint Louis University

B.A. Degree in Physics

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Physics
Bachelor of Arts Curriculum

Freshman Year:
Semester 1:CreditsSemester 2:Credits
CHEM 163/165 General Chemistry I with Lab4PHYS 161 Engineering Physics I3
ENGL 190 Adv. Strategies of Rhetoric & Research3PHYS 162 Engineering Physics I Laboratory1
MATH 142 Calculus I4MATH 143 Calculus II4
HIST 111 Origins of the Modern World to 16003ENGL 200 Level Literature3
PHYS 111 Introduction to Physics1HIST 112 Origins of the Modern World 1600+3
  CSCI 145 Scientific Programming (recommended)3
Total Credit Hours15Total Credit Hours17

Sophomore Year:
Semester 1:CreditsSemester 2:Credits
PHYS 163 Engineering Physics II3PHYS 261 Modern Physics3
PHYS 164 Engineering Physics II Laboratory1PHYS 262 Modern Physics Laboratory1
MATH 244 Calculus III4PHYS 311 Classical Mechanics3
PHIL 105 Historical Introduction to Philosophy3MATH 266 Principles of Mathematics3
Social Science3THEO 100 Theological Foundations3
Foreign Language3Foreign Language3
Total Credit Hours17Total Credit Hours16

Junior Year:
Semester 1:CreditsSemester 2:Credits
Open elective3PHYS 421 Electricity-Magnetism I3
ENGL 300 or 400 Level Course3PHYS Upper Level Course3
MATH 355 Differential Equations3MATH 315 Introduction to Linear Algebra3
PHIL 205 Ethics3THEO 200 Level Course3
Cultural Diversity3Social Science3
Total Credit Hours15Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year:
Semester 1:CreditsSemester 2:Credits
PHYS 461 Quantum Mechanics3Open elective3
Open elective3PHYS 488 Senior Inquiry3
MATH 451 Intro. Complex Variables3PHYS Upper Level Course3
PHIL 300 or 400 Level Course3THEO 300 or 400 Level Course3
Fine and Performing Arts3Open elective3
Total Credit Hours15Total Credit Hours15

Total Credit Hours: 125 (122 required)

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