Saint Louis University

B.S. Degree in Physics

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology
Department of Physics
Bachelor of Science Curriculum - 122 credit hours

CHEM 1110/1115 General Chemistry I/Lab
CSCI 1060 Intro. to CS: Scientific Programming
PHYS 1110 Introduction to Physics
PHYS 1610 Engineering Physics I
PHYS 1620 Engineering Physics I Lab
PHYS 1630 Engineering Physics II
PHYS 1640 Engineering Physics II Lab
Knowledge of Differential & Integral Calculus:
MATH 1510 Calculus I
MATH 1520 Calculus II
MATH 2530 Calculus III

Required Courses:
MATH 3550 Differential Equations I
MATH 3270 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
MATH 4880 Probability & Statistics
MATH 3240 Numerical Analysis
PHYS 2610 Modern Physics I
PHYS 2620 Modern Physics Lab
PHYS 3110 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 3310 Optics
PHYS 3320 Optics Laboratory
PHYS 3410 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 3510 Analog & Digital Electronics/Lab
PHYS 3610 Modern Physics II
PHYS 4210 Electricity & Magnetism I
PHYS 4610 Quantum Mechanics

Two additional courses selected from:
PHYS 3120 Advanced Classical Mechanics
PHYS 4220 Electricity & Magnetism II
PHYS 4620 Application of Quantum Mechanics

Allied Electives:
Seven courses (21 hours) selected in consultation with mentor

Research Experience:
PHYS 3860 Physics Research I
PHYS 4870 Physics Research II
PHYS 4880 Physics Research III

College Core:
CMM 2220 Small Group Presentation
Written Communication (ENGL1900 or 1920)
PHIL 2050 Ethics
THEO 1000 Theological Foundations
Social/Behavioral Science Elective
Humanities Elective
General Elective (Social/Behavioral or Humanities)
Cultural Diversity Elective

Open Elective:
One course

Flow Sheet and Sample Four Year Plan

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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