Saint Louis University

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology
Department of Physics
Bachelor of Science Curriculum
Preprofessional Health Studies Option

NOTE: Those students in the Medical Scholar program will follow a slightly altered schedule. Please consult the department chair, Dr. William Thacker, for more information on this. 

CHEM 1110/1115 General Chemistry I/Lab
CSCI 1060 Intro. to CS: Scientific Programming
PHYS 1110 Introduction to Physics
PHYS 1610/1620 Engineering Physics I/Lab
PHYS 1630/1640 Engineering Physics II/Lab

Knowledge of Differential & Integral Calculus:
MATH 1510 Calculus I 
MATH 1520 Calculus II
MATH 2530 Calculus III 

Required Courses:
MATH 3550 Differential Equations I
MATH 3270 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
MATH 3240 Numerical Analysis
MATH 3850 Foundations of Statistics
PHYS 2610/2620 Modern Physics/Lab
PHYS 3110 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 3310/3320 Optics/Lab
PHYS 3410 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 3510 Analog & Digital Electronics/Lab
PHYS 3610 Modern Physics II
PHYS 4210 Electricity & Magnetism I
PHYS 4610 Quantum Mechanics

Two additional courses selected from:
PHYS 3120 Advanced Classical Mechanics
PHYS 4220 Electricity & Magnetism II
PHYS 4620 Application of Quantum Mechanics

Additional Requirements for Preprofessional Health Studies:
BIOL 1240/1245 Principles of Biology/Lab
BIOL 1260/1265 Principles of Biology II/Lab
BIOL 3020 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
BIOL 3040/3060 Cell Structure & Function/Lab
CHEM 1120/1125 General Chemistry II/Lab
CHEM 2410/2415 Principles of Organic Chemistry I/Lab
CHEM 2420/2425 Principles of Organic Chemistry II/Lab

Research Experience:
PHYS 3860 Physics Research I
PHYS 4870 Physics Research II 
PHYS 4880 Physics Research III

College Core:
CMM 2200 Small Group Presentation
Written Communication (ENGL1900 or 1920)
PHIL 2050 Ethics
PSY 1010 General Psychology
SOC 1100 Introduction to Sociology
THEO 1000 Theological Foundations
ENGL Upper Level Course (Writing intensive)
Cultural Diversity Elective (One course)

Open Elective:
One course

Sample Flow Sheet and Four Year Plan