Saint Louis University


International Relations exposes the student to a broad spectrum of issues in the increasingly complex and interrelated world. Topics include the balance of power between countries, globalization, international institutions, and political economy. Students learn about national and international security challenges, including threats posed by nuclear weapons, terrorism, poverty, climate change, and pollution.

Sample Undergraduate Courses:

  • POLS 1600: Introduction to International Politics
  • POLS 2600: Introduction to Political Economy
  • POLS 2610: Introduction to Diplomacy
  • POLS 2640: International Terrorism
  • POLS 2650: War and Peace in the Middle East
  • POLS 3600: Problems of Globalization
  • POLS 3610: Multilateral Diplomacy
  • POLS 3620: International Organization and Management of World Problems
  • POLS 3640: International Law
  • POLS 3650: International Relations of Africa
  • POLS 4620: International Organizations

Sample Graduate Courses:

  • POLS 5620: International Organizations
  • POLS 5660: Asymmetric Warfare