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Death of Socrates

Political theorists study the nature of liberty, justice, politics, community, law, rights, and other fundamental questions about politics. They may ask what makes a government legitimate or what would constitute a good society. Political thought classes rely heavily on the analysis of texts.

Sample Undergraduate Courses:
  • POLS 1700: Foundations of Political Theory
  • POLS 3710: Ancient and Medieval Classics in Political Thought
  • POLS 3720 Renaissance and Modern Political Theories
  • POLS 3750 Modern Democratic State
  • POLS 3770 Feminist Theory: Gender Justice
  • POLS 4730 Contemporary Political Ideologies
  • POLS 4750 American Political Thought 

Sample Graduate Courses:

  • POLS 5730: Contemporary POlitical Ideologies
  • POLS 6710: Leadership and Culture