Global and Local Social Justice Initiative

The Global and Local Social Justice Initiative is an interdisciplinary, inter-school collaboration that undertakes projects to enhance understanding of conditions and processes that advance or inhibit social justice. The Initiative takes as its subject matter social and political structures that expand or impede material welfare, racial and gender equality, individual human rights, peace, and other components of a just society.


  • To educate ourselves, our mission-oriented students, and the St. Louis community about systemic links - political, social, cultural, and economic - between global and local injustices. Without the social sciences' understanding of these connections, we cannot adequately address the structural conditions that support inequalities related to race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status.
  • To translate global-local insights into informed, effective advocacy for SLU's Jesuit social justice mission - in our city and region and, when we are able, beyond.


  • Collaboration with the Atlas Program [learn more]
  • Promotion of Civic Engagement
  • Service Learning
  • Social Justice certificates, both undergraduate and graduate [learn more]



Learn more about the Initiative [homepage]

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