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Master of Arts in Political Science

The study of political science is central to understanding how the world works and what persons and organizations can do to promote social justice.

The Saint Louis University M.A. provides students with:

  • Broad theoretical understanding of the political and social environments that shape possibilities for change,
  • Advanced skills in political and social analysis,
  • Expertise in national politics, public policy and administration, or in comparative and international politics,
  • Ability to analyze questions of ethics and social justice in different cultural and historical contexts, and in a variety of professional and organizational contexts - at local, national, and international levels,
  • Disciplinary preparation for:
    • Professional schools, including law, public policy, public health, business, and journalism,
    • Ph.D. programs in political science and related fields,
  • Enhanced career opportunities

The SLU M.A. will prepare students for employment in government offices, political campaigns, nonprofit civic organizations, overseas teaching, national and international business, news media, and non-governmental organizations. Students in the International Affairs concentration will be prepared for careers in the foreign service, international NGOs, or international organizations like the United Nations or N.A.T.O., among many others.

Recent graduates have found jobs teaching in local colleges, working in government agencies, and serving their community through groups like Teach for America.

More information on careers in government (here)

More information on careers in Non-Governmental Organizations, International Governmental Organization, and Non-Profits (here)

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Most applicants have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.4, overall and in political science courses. Students apply to the B.A./M.A program during their junior year. Normally, candidates must have completed 18 hours of undergraduate social science courses, with at least 9 of these hours in political science. 

M.A. Concentrations
The M.A. is a 30 hour program. Students who enter the accelerated B.A./M.A. program take six of these hours (two graduate classes) in their senior year that count toward both the B.A. and M.A. requirements. Students may choose to specialize in American Politics (two different tracks), Public Policy, International Affairs (two tracks), Gender and Politics, or Political Theory.

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