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The M.A. Thesis

A Master's thesis proposes an argument that addresses an important question to the discipline or area of study in question, grounds the argument thoroughly in the literature of this question, articulates what effect or contribution the argument of the thesis has on this literature, and presents supporting evidence. The length of the thesis varies according to the nature of the project, but most theses fall between 40 and 75 pages.

Students who write Master's theses will work closely with a faculty director and a committee of two other faculty members chosen with the director's guidance. The M.A. thesis is a two semester project. Students will complete a thesis proposal in the first semester and the thesis itself during the second semester. Students who are not able to defend their proposal successfully during the first semester will not be allowed to continue to the second semester of thesis work.

The M.A. thesis is only an option for students in good standing, with no incompletes. All students must have permission of the Graduate Committee and the thesis director before registering for M.A. thesis work.

The oral defense of the M.A. thesis will be advertised and open to the public. All three members of the committee must approve the thesis for the student to pass.

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