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Internships are a great way to learn about jobs and make professional connections. Students may complete internships for up to 6 hours of credit as part of the M.A. study. Students will work under the direction of a preceptor at the internship location and a faculty member in the department.

A six-hour graduate internship will involve approximately 200 hours of work of a serious, professional character, central to the work of the agency or institution in which it occurs. In addition to the work at the internship location, the student will write an extensive paper, which may take the form of a well-dended policy recommendation paper, a formal grant proposal, or a professional quality paper, as approved by the faculty member. In any case, the paper will be grounded in relevant academic literature.

Internship locations may be in St. Louis, in Washington DC, or elsewhere. Some paid government internship programs exist, such as with the CIA. If students want to undertake those internships as part of their MA work, they should apply early as it can take more than a year to make it through the application process.

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