Saint Louis University

The M.A. is a 30 hour program. Students who enter the accelerated B.A./M.A. program take six of these hours (two graduate classes) in their senior year that count toward both the B.A. and M.A. requirements. Students may choose to specialize in American Politics (two different tracks), Public Policy, International Affairs (two tracks), Gender and Politics, or Political Theory.

American Politics concentration. Students can choose from a general American politics track that is appropriate for many students and a more focused track in Public Law.

Public Policy concentration. The Public Policy track is designed for students interested in gaining a practical understanding of how political and social policies are developed.

International Affairs concentration. Students can choose from a general International Affairs track and a track that focuses on Security and Cooperation.

Gender and Politics concentration. This concentration explores the social and political ramifications of gender in U.S. and world politics.

Political Theory concentration. This concentration provides substantive grounding in the history of Western political thought, as well as the opportunity to explore issues in contemporary political theory and philosophy.

Each student works out a curriculum plan for his or her area of concentration in consultation with the student's mentor and the Director of Graduate Studies. Students may elect to take some of their coursework in a cognate field. All students must pass a field exam in the beginning of the final semester of coursework.

Once students have selected a concentration, they will need to fill in the petition to amend the graduate program.