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Public Administration

No new students are being admitted into the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A). For new students, the M.P.A. has been replaced by the M.A. concentration in Public Policy and Administration. Like the M.P.A., the M.A. Public Policy and Administration concentration is designed for public service professionals and pre-service students interested in preparing themselves for careers in the public or nonprofit sectors at the national, state, and local levels.

Like the M.P. A., the M.A.'s goal is to provide its graduates with proficiency in management principles and techniques, research and evaluation skills, and the ability to identify and analyze individual and institutional values as they relate to social, economic, and political behavior. The M.A. differs from the M.P.A. in providing stronger disciplinary preparation in Political Science and the opportunity to study governance outside the U.S. as well as in it.

Information about M.P.A. requirements are included here for students who were admitted prior to 2017. They will all be permitted to complete and receive the M.P.A.

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