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Dual degree M.P.A./ M.S.W

The MSW/MPA dual degree is designed for public service professionals and pre-service students interested in preparing themselves for careers in the public sector at the national, state, and local levels and in the nonprofit sector. The program can also further career aspirations of students seeking opportunities in for-profit organizations that have extensive ties with government.

The program's primary objective is to provide its graduates with proficiency in management principles and techniques, research and evaluation skills, and the identification and analysis of individual and institutional values as they relate to social, economic, and political behavior. In addition, the program seeks to instill in students the importance of ethics in public service and an emphasis on the Jesuit value of social justice.

The Department of Political Science and the School of Social Work bring together their exceptional faculty and community networks to offer students unique educational, research, and professional development opportunities.


MSW/MPA Requirements
Students will take a total of 72 hours of course work, as follows:

MSW Foundation Curriculum (18 hours) 
SWRK 5702 Social Policy, 3 hours*
SWRK 5725 Human Behavior and the Social Environment, 3 hours
SWRK 5750 Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups, 3 hours
SWRK 5751 Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations, 3 hours
SWRK 5819 Foundation Integrative Practice Seminar, 1 hour
SWRK 5821 Foundation Practicum 1, 2 hours
PUBH 5010 Mission and Practice of Global Public Health, 3 hours

MPA Core Curriculum (12 hours)
POLS 5300 Law, Politics, and Regulatory Policy, 3 hours
POLS 5310 Issues in U.S. Public Administration, 3 hours
POLS 5325 Public Sector Budgeting, 3 hours
POLS 5330 Public Sector Economics, 3 hours

MSW Concentration - Community and Organization (15 hours)
SWRK 5707 Policy Practice for Social Justice, 3 hours*
SWRK 5721 Community Theory and Practice, 3 hours*
SWRK 5785 Organizational and Program Planning, 3 hours**
SWRK 5820 Concentration, Integrative Practice Seminar, 1 hour
SWRK 5822 Concentration Practicum II, 2 hours
SWRK 5823 Concentration Practicum III, 3 hours

MSW Research Courses (6 hours)
SWRK 5787 Research Methods I, 3 hours*
SWRK 5788 Research Methods II, 3 hours*(must be taken sequentially Fall/Spring)

Values and Ethics (3 hours)
SWRK 5700 Values and Ethics in Social Work, 3 hours

Electives (12 hours)
Choice of courses in social work or public policy studies

Capstone Project (6 hours)
POLS 5960 M.P.A. Capstone
(students may take 3 hours in each of 2 semesters or all 6 hours in a single semester)

POLS 5951 M.P.A. Special Study for Exams, 0 hours

* Courses count toward the M.P.A. elective requirement
**Course substitutes for Organizational Theory and Behavior in the M.P.A. core

For more information, contact the coordinator of the MPA program:
Dr. Robert Cropf
McGannon Hall, Room 154
Phone: 314.977.3936

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