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Past Honors Thesis Topics

This is a partial list of topics of recent honors theses completed by students in the Saint Louis University Political Science department.

  • Protocol No. 11 and the European Convention on Human Rights: Success or Failure?
  • Hyperpresidentialism: Why it Occurs
  • Public Support for the Irish Republican Army before and after the Good Friday Agreement: A Case Study
  • The French Student Movement of 1968: Tactics and Demands
  • The Energy Policy Act of 2005
  • A Comparison of Two Cases of Political Action by Transnational Advocacy Groups
  • The Political Consequences of Economic Reforms: Explaining the Victories and Defeats of Communist Successor Parties
  • Consumer Counterculture: A Gramscian Analysis of the Career of Ralph Nader
  • A State of Discontent: Milosevic's Manipulation of the Serbian People and the Seeds of Revolutionary Change
  • Leftist Political Parties and Popular Civil Society in El Salvador and Guatemala
  • Italian Distrust of Government: Regionalism and Corruption
  • Opportunities of Political Decision-Making: An Analysis of the Collapse of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe and its Aftermath
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