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Internships in Political Science

The Political Science department encourages majors to take political internships as part of their degree programs. These provide excellent practical experience that potential employers appreciate. Internships often help majors select a future career. Students select internships in consultation with their mentors.

The department offers a variety of types of internships, which may satisfy up to 6 credit hours of electives: Campaign Practicum, State Legislative Internship, Washington Internship, Overseas Internship, Foreign Service Internship, Women Leaders Internship, Administrative Internship, Federal Government Internship, Political Science Internship, Research Internship.

For more information on undergraduate Internships
Contact Dr. Robert Strikwerda, 314.977.4238
McGannon Hall, Room 134

For access to a list of internship sites and information about each type of internship, please see Internships in Political Science.

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