Saint Louis University

Model Course Schedule

Freshman Year

Start with 2 or 3 1000- or 2000-level courses. Start with those that interest you most.

POLS 1150 American Political Systems

1000- or 2000-level Comparative Politics (e.g., POLS 1510 Politics of the Developing World, or another class)

1000- or 2000-level International Relations (e.g., POLS 1600 Introduction to International Politics)

1000- or 2000-level Political Thought (e.g., POLS 1700 Foundations of Political Thought)


Sophomore Year

1 or 2 introductory courses (see list above)

Methods requirement (POLS 2000)


Junior Year

3 Political Science electives, ideally concentrated in one or two substantive areas of focus

If you study abroad, you should take your methods requirement HERE at SLU before you go abroad, and remember that you will need to take your 4000-level courses here at SLU when you return.


Senior Year

2 4000-level seminars, preferably in your area of substantive focus

1 Political Science elective

Consider writing an honors thesis, which will take the place of ONE of the 4000-level seminars

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