Dr. Knut Roder, "The Euro Crisis"

Dr. Knut Roder, "Eurocrisis"

On April 16, 2013, Dr. Knut Roder spoke on "The Euro Crisis: The Beginning of the End of European Integration?" The event was sponsored by Saint Louis University's Office of Graduate Education, Department of Political Science, Department of Public Policy Studies, Department of Economics, Center for International Studies, and Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Law.

Dr. Roder has a PhD from the London School of Economics and specializes in the political economy of the European Union. Most recently he edited The Left and the European Constitution: From Laeken to Lisbon (Co-edited with Michael Holmes, Manchester University Press, 2012) and authored Social Democracy and Labour Market Policy - Developments in Britain and Germany (Routledge Press, 2003). He has published journal articles on how European integration has affected welfare policy and left parties. While at SLU, he also spoke on the European Left and the European Union.

Knut Roder Eurocrisis
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