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Requirements of the Foreign Service track

The Foreign Service track requires 30 hours of coursework, including the following:

Core courses - 6 hours. Choose two classes from:

  • POLS 5510 Democratization
  • POLS 5550 Politics of Economic Development
  • POLS 5690 Theories of World Politics

Research methods - 6 hours

  • POLS 5010 Cultural Methods: Gender, Politics, and Power
  • POLS 5020 Advanced Topics in Research Methods

Other required classes - 6 hours

  • POLS 5100 Seminar in American Politics
  • POLS 5620 Global Diplomacy

Language requirement - 6 hours

  • 6 hours of course work at the 4000 or 5000 level of the foreign language appropriate to the student's area of interest.
  • Students who have already achieved this level of proficiency may take an additional 6 hours of electives instead.

Political Science electives

  • 6 hours of electives, which may be in the form of an internship or M.A. thesis

Field exam - 0 hours, taken at the start of the final semester of coursework

All students will complete a total of 30 credit hours for the M. A. degree. No more than 12 hours of the M. A. may be taken outside the Political Science department; no more than 6 hours may be taken at the 4000-level, and no more than 6 hours may be independent study classes or internships.

Some classes have prerequisites. Depending on their undergraduate preparation, students may be required to take specific undergraduate classes prior to enrolling in graduate classes.

Exceptions will be allowed only with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies for the department.

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