Eloise Buker

Eloise Buker

Phone: 614.239.1066
e-mail: eloise.buker@slu.edu

Dr. Eloise Buker, Professor of Political Science Emerita, conducts research in the area of political theory with a focus on issues of gender, ethnicity, and language. Her interests include post-structuralism and interpretive theory.

Education and Background. Dr. Buker received a B.A. from Capital University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Hawai'i, where she was also a participant in the East-West Center. She served as Director of Women's Studies and Professor of Political Science at Saint Louis University from 2002 to 2007. Before her tenure at Saint Louis University, she was tenured at Denison University, the University of Utah, and Gonzaga University. At all four institutions, her work focused on both women's studies and political science.

Teaching. Dr. Buker taught courses in feminist theory, postmodern political theory, feminist epistemology, political leadership, and political science methods. Her teaching examines the intersection of gender and ethnicity to analyze how justice can be achieved in a variety of contexts and settings. She has won a number of teaching awards, including a Saint Louis University Student Government Association Faculty Excellence Award in 2007.

Research. Dr. Buker's research has focused on narrative and the quest for social justice. Her first book, Politics Through a Looking Glass, won the 1987 Alpha Sigma Nu award for the best book in the social sciences published by a faculty member at a Jesuit University. Her most recent book, Talking Feminist Politics, was the focus of a three hour discussion at the Western Political Science Feminist Theory Conference. She is currently working on a book manuscript about the life of a Maryknoll nun who was a peace activist in Hawai'i from 1930 to 1995.

Dr. Buker has won recognition for her research. Most recently, she was recognized as Woman of the Year for 2006-2007 by the Women's Commission of Saint Louis University. She can be reached through the e-mail and phone numbers given above. She maintains an active research agenda and participates in the American Political Science Association and the National Women's Studies Association. She remains actively engaged with the Saint Louis University Department of Political Science.

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