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Dr. Wynne Moskop

Office: McGannon Hall, Room 136
Phone: 314.977.2897


Office Hours:  Spring 2017 --  By Appointment


Dr. Wynne Moskop, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science at Saint Louis University, teaches and conducts research in the areas of political leadership, gender and political community, and meanings of citizenship.

Education and Background. Wynne Moskop received a Ph.D. in Political Science from George Washington University, specializing in political theory and American politics and constitutionalism. Before coming to Saint Louis, she taught at New York University, Sarah Lawrence College, and George Washington University.

Teaching. Dr. Moskop teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on American political thought, feminist theory, Renaissance and modern political thought, contemporary political ideologies, theories of political action, ancient and medieval political thought, and leadership and culture. She also supervises a women leaders internship.

Research. Dr. Moskop is interested in the relationship between politics and virtue.  Her primary research emphasis is on the theory and practice of political leadership, understood broadly as a cultural and collective process that relates formal political leaders and leaders of social movements to their publics.  Currently, she is working on a book that elaborates the implications of Aristotelian prudence for contemporary political leaders, particularly U.S. presidents.

In addition, she is interested in how gender shapes public sphere conversations about politics and virtue--globally as well as in American political culture.  Current projects on this topic area are "Unjust Care: Feminist Care Theory and Global Justice" and "The Balcony and the Street: Gender, Virtue, and Politics in George Caleb Bingham's Antebellum America." 

 Dr. Moskop has also written on moral and legal aspects of democracy with regard to the women's movement, popular culture, and constitutionalism. Her articles and reviews have appeared in a range of journals, including the Journal of Political Psychology, American Studies, American Political Science Review, the Quarterly Journal of Ideology, and the Journal of Politics.  Her most recent publications are "Justice as Friendship: An Aristotelian Perspective on Global and Local Justice", in Justice et Injustices Spatiales, ed. B. Bret et al (Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, 2010) and "Prudence as a Paradigm for Political Leadders", in Political Leadership, ed. D. Bell (Sage Publications, 2011).

Foundations of Political Theory
Care, Justice, Friendship: Political Implications
Classical Political Thought syllabus
Renaissance and Modern Political Theories
Contemporary Ideologies
American Political Thought syllabus
Gender and Democracy
Political Leadership
Feminist Theory: Gender Justice syllabus
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