Ann Wainscott

Ann Wainscott Office: McGannon Hall, Room 124
Phone: 314.977.3006

Office Hours: Spring 2017 --  On Leave


Dr. Ann Wainscott, Assistant Professor of Political Science, specializes in Middle East and North African politics, particularly the politics of opposition in autocratic regimes.

Education and background. Dr. Wainscott received her B.A. and M.A. from St. John's University and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Florida. She was awarded a Boren fellowship and multiple Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships to study Arabic.

Teaching. Dr. Wainscott teaches introductory and advanced classes in comparative politics and, particularly, Middle East politics.

Research. Dr. Wainscott's main scholarly interests are the politics of Islamic education in the Middle East and North Africa, the relationship between authoritarian regimes and opposition movements, conflict between Islamists and leftists, and qualitative research methods. In her dissertation, "How an Islamic solution became an Islamist problem: Education, Authoritarianism and the Politics of Opposition in Morocco," Dr. Wainscott argues that competitive authoritarian regimes employ reforms to education in order to incentivize particular ideologies and structure opposition politics, thus precluding the development of autonomous political space and preventing democratization. Her work is based on a case study of the Moroccan monarchy's reforms to the Islamic education curricula in the post-Independence period. These reforms weakened leftist opposition groups and strengthened Islamist ones to the point of exhausting the former, fostering an environment conducive to Islamism. The dissertation was based on twelve months of fieldwork, including archival research and elite interviews.

In her future research, Dr. Wainscott intends to broaden her study of the use of education reforms by authoritarian regimes to examine how education reforms structure opposition politics across North Africa.


Authoritarianism syllabus
Introduction to Politics syllabus
Introduction to Comparative Politics syllabus
The Politics of Expertise in the Arab Uprisings syllabus
War & Peace in the Middle East syllabus

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