Xinzhe "Quang" Zhang

Xinzhe "Quang" Zhang chose political science as a major because it combines many of his interests: law, history, government, economics, and international relations. His strong interest in international relations led him to study in Beijing for a semester during his junior year.

Quang was challenged to "excavate China" and to fully immerse himself in the culture. After studying Asian politics at SLU--Quang cites Asian Miracles as his favorite class--it was especially rewarding to be able to make connections between his studies and real world situations. Quang describes his time in China as the most most exciting experience of his life.

After completing his undergraduate studies in political science, economics, and international studies, Quang plans to attend law school where he will focus on international law and human rights issues.

Why is Quang glad that he chose to study political science? He says, "My political science background has prepared me to think critically about the world around me and my place in it; even better, it has opened up a broad range of opportunities for my future."

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