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Full-Time Faculty

A. Michael Anch, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition & Neuroscience (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2821, 977-2274,
  • Research Interests: Sleep; sleep disorders; nutrition; nutrition and sleep; pharmacology of sleep; aging; aging and sleep; demyelinating disease and brain-behavior relationships
  • Teaching Interests: Physiological psychology; psychology of sleep; general psychology; psychopharmacology
Kira Hudson Banks

Kira Hudson Banks, Assistant Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Michigan)

  • Morrissey Hall 2817, 977-4280,
  • Research Interests: Race and racial Identity, discrimination and mental health, diversity and inclusion.
  • Teaching Interests: Human Diversity, Abnormal, Human Services Practicum

Tony W. Buchanan, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition and Neuroscience and Director of the Neuroscience Program (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)

  • Morrissey Hall 2507, 977-2271,
  • Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of stress. Cognitive, psychophysiological, and neuroimaging studies of stress and the effects of stress on memory processes.

Eddie M. Clark, Professor, Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., Ohio State University)

  • Morrisey Hall 2819, 977-2272,
  • Research Interests: Attitudes and persuasion (health-related communications); close relationships (relationship satisfaction and commitment)
  • Teaching Interests: Social psychology; health psychology; attitudes and persuasion; close relationships; African American psychology; introduction to psychology

Phyllis Terry Friedman, Professor Clinical Professor and Director of the Psychological Services Center, Clinical Program (Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology)

Morrissey Hall 2725, 977-2283,

Annie Garner, Assistant Professor Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Alabama Birmingham)

Jeffrey D. Gfeller, Professor, Department Chair, Clinical Program (Ph.D., Ohio University)
  • Morrissey Hall 2505, 977-2300,
  • Research Interests: Clinical neuropsychology; cognitive and emotional effects of brain injury; age-related changes in cognition; detection of malingering; assessment of intelligence and personality; ethical and professional issues in assessment
  • Teaching Interests: Clinical assessment; neuropsychological assessment; fundamentals of neuropsychology; introductory psychology

Paul J. Handal, Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2733, 977-2277,
  • Research Interests: Relation of marital status, family climate and conflict on child, adolescent and adult adjustment; relation of religion, spirituality, and religious coping to adjustment; relation of death anxiety to adjustment; relation of physical/sexual abuse and witnessing violence on adjustment; primary prevention, community psychology and community mental health
  • Teaching Interests: Theories of psychotherapy; community psychology/primary prevention; ethics and professional issues; quasi-experimental design

Richard D. Harvey, Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program and Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., University of Kansas)

  • Morrissey Hall 2731, 977-3678,
  • Research Interests: Industrial/Organization & Social Psychology: Collective Identification (e.g., organizational, racial, national), Program Evaluation & Development, Stigma/Prejudice, and Teaching Scholarship.
  • Teaching Interests: organizational psychology; social psychology; psychology of oppression; industrial psychology; psychological statistics; psychology of prejudice

Dustin K. Jundt, Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology (Ph.D., Michigan State University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2741, 977-5026,
  • Research Interests: Individual and team adaptation to changing task demands; self-regulated learning/skill acquisition; team processes and effectiveness.
  • Teaching Interests: Organizational Psychology; motivation; groups & teams; research methods; Multilevel Theory and Research.

David A. S. Kaufman, Assistant Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Florida)

  • Morrissey Hall 2739, 977-2289,
  • Research Interests: Clinical neuropsychology; attention and cognitive flexibility; electrophysiology; multimodal neuroimaging; neuropsychological effects of traumatic brain injury and aging.
  • Teaching Interests: Fundamentals of neuropsychology, neuropsychological assessment, abnormal psychology.

Ronald T. Kellogg, Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition & Neuroscience (Ph.D., University of Colorado)

  • Morrissey Hall 2737, 977-2273,
  • Research Interests: Cognitive processes in writing; working memory in language production and thinking; conscious and unconscious processing in memory
  • Teaching Interests: Cognitive psychology; psycholinguistics; language and memory; psychology of writing

Kristin Kiddoo, Assistant Professor, Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2751, 977-2815,
  • Teaching Interests: Introductory psychology; research methods and statistics; social psychology

Brenda A. Kirchhoff, Assistant Professor, Experimental Program: Neuroscience, (Ph.D., Boston University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2803, 977-4268,
  • Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of memory; behavioral, structural, and functional neuroimaging studies of memory formation; effects of aging and type 1 diabetes on brain function; cognitive rehabilitation
  • Teaching Interests: Learning and memory, cognitive neuroscience, physiological psychology

Janet E. Kuebli, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Developmental (Ph.D., Emory University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2511, 977-2285,
  • Research Interests: Emotional development; role of family discourse processes in socialization; children's health/safety socialization; psychology of parenting; development of risk-taking; psychology of gender
  • Teaching Interests: Emotional and social development; socialization of emotion and self-understanding; family discourse and development; health socialization in families; discipline and parent-child conflict; psychology of gender; socialization of risk-taking; development of coping

Donna J. LaVoie, Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition and Neuroscience (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School)
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Verhaegen 219, 977-2227,
  • Research Interests: Memory function; age differences in false memory susceptibility; implicit memory function in older adults.
  • Teaching Interests: Cognitive psychology; cognitive aging; research methods.

Kimberly K. Powlishta, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Developmental and Director of Graduate Program in Experimental Psychology (Ph.D., Stanford University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2287, 977-2287,
  • Research Interests: Children's gender-related cognitions (e.g., stereotypes, self-descriptions, own-sex favoritism, reactions to gender-role violations); the development of stereotyping, prejudice, and social identity
  • Teaching Interests: Child development; social/personality development; research methods


Michael J. Ross, Professor, Clinical Program, and Director of Clinical Graduate Program (Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia)

  • Morrissey Hall 2503, 977-2292,
  • Research Interests: Sport psychology (e.g., psychology of sport injury and rehabilitation, psychological skills training for performance enhancement); psychotherapy process and outcome; ethical and professional issues in clinical psychology; health and rehabilitation psychology; integration of social cognition and clinical psychology
  • Teaching Interests: Theories of psychotherapy; advanced ethics and professional practice; psychodynamic psychotherapy; advanced clinical research; practicum in clinical psychology; general psychology; abnormal psychology.
Cort W. Rudolph, Assistant Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program, (Ph.D., Wayne State University)
  • Morrissey Hall 2827, 977-7299,
  • Research Interests: Work and aging, retirement, sustainable employability, stigma,  personnel psychology, judgment and decision making
  • Teaching Interests:  Personnel Psychology, Human Resources Selection, Performance Management and Appraisal, Lifespan Perspectives on Work and Aging, Meta-Analysis, Statistics, Research Methods.

Edward J. Sabin, Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program, and Director of Industrial-Organizational Graduate Program (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2501, 977-8170,
  • Research Interests: Organizational learning, change, and development; organizational assessment; the psychology of language and communication

Mindy K. Shoss, Assistant Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program (Ph.D., University of Houston)

  • Morrissey Hall 2811, 977-2281,
  • Research Interests: Employee stress, coping, health, and productivity; organizational change and adaptive performance; personality; assessment
  • Teaching Interests: Occupational health psychology; training and development; industrial-organizational psychology; statistics

Bryan W. Sokol, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Developmental  (Ph.D., University of British Columbia)

  • Morrissey Hall 2805, 977-2288,
  • Research Interests: Social understanding and developing theories of mind in middle childhood, moral psychology and empathy, social-emotional learning programs, adolescent identity development, self and culture, history and systems of psychology
  • Child & Adolescent Social Development Lab

Jillon S. Vander Wal, Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia)

  • Morrissey Hall 2745, 977-2282,
  • Research Interests: Eating disorders, obesity, and health behavior change; Clinical interests - cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and empirically supported approaches to treatment; treatment of depression and anxiety

Ruth H. Warner, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., University of Kansas)

  • Morrissey Hall 2743, 977-2660,
  • Research Interests: Social justice and psychological well-being, history of victimization, intergroup relations, social identity, prejudice and stereotyping.
  • Teaching Interests: Social Psychology.

Jill Waring, Assistant Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition and Neuroscience (Ph.D., Boston College)

Terri L. Weaver, Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2729, 977-2198,
  • Research Interests: Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); psychological and physical sequelae of traumatic events, especially family violence and sexual assault; psychological impact of violence-related injury; treatment outcome research; mental health treatment with war-exposed refugee populations
  • Teaching Interests: Psychopathology; abnormal psychology; psychology of trauma; advanced clinical research; health psychology; practicum in clinical psychology; cognitive behavior theory; cognitive behavior therapy

Jeremiah Weinstock, Associate Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Memphis)

  • Morrissey Hall 2735, 977-2137,
  • Research Interests: Addictions, especially pathological gambling, alcohol use disorders, cocaine and heroin dependence, motivational interviewing, contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and treatment outcome; exercise initiation and adherence; HIV.
  • Teaching Interests: Abnormal psychology; interventions for addictions.

Lisa Willoughby, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition & Neuroscience (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2747, 977-2531,
  • Research Interests: Normal and abnormal cognitive function, psychopharmacology, and health outcomes in older adults


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