Saint Louis University

Our mission is to educate students in the discipline of psychology and its applications. We accomplish this by integrating empirical science, theory, and practice, focused toward the understanding of the behavior and experience of individuals and groups, including the family, organizations, and institutions. We encourage intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and ethical responsibility in our teaching, research, and
practice. Our commitment to value-based, holistic education and our enthusi asm for psychology is realized in the products of our research, in our graduates, and in service to others locally, nationally, and globally. 
We seek to contribute to the improvement of the human condition and to promote human welfare through understanding past knowledge, discovering new knowledge, and disseminating our knowledge through teaching, publication, and service. We educate students to be professionals and challenge them to be ethically responsible, to be committed to serving others, and to respect human diversity in all its forms. We seek to sustain ourselves as a community of scholars, in which all are teachers and all are learners, in an environment that fosters scholarly, professional, and personal growth.