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Industrial-Organizational Psychology

The purpose of specialty training in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Saint Louis University is to prepare doctoral-level professionals with the research, assessment and intervention skills to impact organizations, groups, and individuals at work.

The focus of specialty training is on the application of knowledge to industrial-organizational issues using applied methodologies and intervention strategies, as well as organization theory. Training in research and intervention strategies draws on such diverse areas as the following:

  • Systems and Process Consultation
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Organizational Behavior Change
  • Social Action Research
  • Organization Development
  • Program Evaluation

Through supervised professional experience students are expected to apply training to the planning and designing of organizational interventions, to the training and developing of people at the work site, to the implementation and evaluation of change programs, and to the assessment and research of the structure and function of organizations. Our unique focus on the organizational side of Industrial-Organizational Psychology allows us to graduate both practitioners and academics.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the University's urban location and wealth of programs and interdisciplinary institutes by further enhancing their specialty training. Many students elect to learn about their preferred future work settings through courses in the management sciences division of the Business School, in health care administration and research at the Medical Center, in Public Policy Studies, education, and law.


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