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Industrial-Organizational Psychology Curriculum

All students in the Industrial-Organizational Program are expected to complete the curriculum described below in Tables 1 and 2.

Table 1
Psychology General Degree Requirements
Course Title Course Number Credit Hours
Foundations of Psychology Courses
Human Diversity PSY 603 1
Ethics and Professional Issues PSY 680 1
Statistics and Research Methods Courses
Advanced Experimental Methods PSY 508 3
Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design PSY 593 3
Multivariate Analysis PSY 650 3
Advanced methods or statistics course PSY (RMI) 3
Advanced methods or statistics course (I-0 Requirement) PSY(RMI) 3
(e.g., Structural Equation Modeling, Application of Measurement Theories, Non-Parametric Analysis, Sample Survey Models)
Masters Thesis Research PSY 599 6
Written and Oral Preliminary Examinations PSY 695 0
Dissertation Research PSY 699 12
  Total: 35 hours

Table 2
Industrial-Organizational Program Requirements
Title Course Number Credit Hours
Foundations of I-O Psychology Course
Advanced Organizational Psychology PSY 546 3
Breadth of Psychology Course
One graduate-level non-I-O course offered by the Psychology Department and approved by the student's advisor and instructor. PSY xxx 3
Specialized I-O Courses
(27 hours selected by student with advisor approval. Up to nine hours may be taken from complementary courses listed below. At least one course must be taken outside the Psychology Department.)
Industrial Psychology PSY 541 (3)
Psychology of Small Groups PSY 547 (3)
Organizational Change and Development PSY 649 (3)
Organizational Assessment PSY 649 (3)
Organizational Learning PSY 649 (3)
Training and Development PSY 649 (3)
Consultation Skills PSY 663 (3)
Special topics in Industrial-Organizational Psychology PSY xxx (3)
Complementary courses PSY xxx
Complementary Psychology Courses
History of Psychology PSY 510 (3)
Cognition PSY 512 (3)
Advanced Social Psychology PSY 530 (3)
Advanced Personality Theory PSY 531 (3)
Teaching of Psychology PSY 600 (3)
Other graduate psychology courses approved by advisor and instructor PSY xxx (3)
Complementary Courses offered by other departments
(Course instructor's permission required
Organizational Communication CMM.A518 (3)
Managerial Dynamics, Simulation and Games DSCB 637 (3)
Managing Cultural Differences IBSB 532 (3)
Management of Human Resources MGTB 610 (3)
New Venture Initiation MGTB620 (3)
Management of Change MGTB 635 (3)
Behavioral Science and Public Health BSHC 500 (3)
Community Analysis, Organization and Change BSHC 610 (3)
Health Care Organizations CMHC 500 (3)
Management of Health Care Organizations HAC 530 (3)
Other extra-departmental courses approved by advisor and instructor. (3)
  Total: 33 hours
Professional Development
Participation in Professional Activity Group for six semesters   0
Completion of three Professional Activity Projects PSY 585 0
Optional Training Activities Industrial-Organizational Practicum PSY 585 (3)
Industrial-Organizational Internship PSY 685 (3)
Additional curricular information is available from the I-O Program Director.

Specialized I-O and Complementary Courses
Students are encouraged to select courses based on their career plans and type of organizational setting they plan to work in after graduation. Students are strongly encouraged to select courses that will enhance their knowledge and experiential base for a specific organizational setting. Courses other than those identified above may be taken with the approval of your faculty advisor and permission of the course instructor. Students are encouraged to find courses beyond those mentioned here that meet their specific needs.

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