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Minor in Psychology

A minor in Psychology is a valuable addition to many bachelors degrees.

The requirements for a minor in psychology at SLU are as follows:


A grade of C or better in PSY-101, General Psychology, and completion of 1 semester at Saint Louis University with a 2.00 minimum GPA is required for acceptance as a psychology minor.

A minimum of 18 credit hours in Psychology including:  PSY-101 General Psychology, as well as:

Area Requirements:  One course selected from each of these four areas:

PSY 310-319, PSY 410-419, 471 Cognitive Neuroscience (formerly Experimental) 
PSY 320-329, PSY 420-429, 472 Developmental Psychology
PSY 330-339, PSY 430-439, 475 Social/Personality Psychology
PSY 340-349, PSY 440-449, 473, 474

Applied Psychology

Elective:  Any additional 300 or 400 level course in Psychology.

Minimum residency requirement of 14 credits from the department.


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