Saint Louis University

The undergraduate psychology program offers students two degree options, a major and minor in psychology. Each introduces students to the study of psychology, while developing skills in evaluation, as well as the understanding of self and others.

As one of the most popular majors at SLU, psychology provides students with multiple avenues to explore their own interests and develop their abilities through research and study. Areas of study are many, including social psychology, organizational psychology, educational psychology and psychology and the law.

Students can also gain valuable, hands-on experience - through assisting on faculty or graduate research projects, as well as conducting their own research through the Capstone Research Project (PSY 4880). They can also get involved in student organizations, such as Psi Chi.

A degree in psychology can lead to careers in numerous areas, such as medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy or law. Many students choose to build upon their bachelors degree by attending graduate school, either at SLU or other universities.

Our department also co-sponsors (with faculty in the Department of Biology) an interdisciplinary major in Neuroscience. Coursework from the neuroscience major includes selections from biology, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, and physics.