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Each person listed below is a graduate of Saint Louis University who majored in Sociology and/or Anthropology. To find out more about the jobs of these graduates and how they have used their degrees in their work, click on their names.

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Kathleen J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Degree: B.A., 1988
Major: Sociology
Organization: Columbia College
Title: Assistant Professor of Sociology

Minghao (Michael) Gao
Degree: M.A., 2012
Major: Sociology
Organization: Horizon Research Consultancy Group
Title: Team Member

Sarah Knopf
Degree: M.A., 2011
Major: Sociology
Organization: National Health Care for the Homeless Council (
Title: Research Assistant

Andrea Lebb
Degree: M.A., 2011
Major: Sociology
Organization: Asthma and Allergy Foundation
Title: Programs Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Martin Lesko
Degree: B.A., 1983
Major: Criminal Justice
Organization: Vanliner Insurance Company
Title: Loss Prevention Manager

Tammy Mueller
Degree: M.A., 2012
Major: Sociology
Organization: Randstad Staffing
Title: Contractor for Google working on Project Ground Truth (Google Maps)

Erin Murphey
Degree: M.A., 2011
Major: Sociology
Organization: Express Scrips, Inc.
Title: Research Projects, Statistical Analysis and GIS Contractor

Josh Pope
Degree: B.A., 2000
Major: Criminal Justice
Organization: USAF, Squadron Officer School
Title: Flight Commander

Mark W. Sullivan
Degree: B.A., 1991
Major: Sociology
Organization: Sullivan Consulting
Title: Principal/Founder

Jessica Vick
Degree: B.A., 2003
Major: Criminal Justice
Minors: Sociology and Psychology
Organization: Crime Victim Advocacy Center of St. Louis
Title: Outreach Specialist/Victim Advocate 

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