Saint Louis University

Goals and Objectives

There are several practical objectives to this dual degree program. Graduates of this program enjoy an increased number of the job opportunities in federal and state law enforcement, corrections and judicial positions. Graduates gain additional competitive advantages in a broad range of job possibilities over graduates with only one of the degrees. Further, graduates find their education useful as social entrepreneurs applying their legal, administrative and research knowledge in policy areas from mental health, economic development, and environmental sustainability to issues of civil rights, immigration, international human rights, and employment discrimination. Moreover, this program attracts highly qualified students from outside the region as this is one of the only JD/MA programs of its kind between the coasts.

Program Requirements

Students complete the basic first-year requirements for the School of Law before beginning their studies in the M.A. program. Thereafter, students attend classes in both the School of Law and Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Students ordinarily complete a total of 106 hours of academic work, including a summer internship, in order to complete the JD/MA (82 hours in the School of Law and 24 hours in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology). Of the 91 hours required for the J.D. degree, 9 hours are satisfied by Sociology courses and 9 hours of Law School courses are accepted toward the 33 credit hours required for the Master's degree.


Participants meet all the admission requirements for the Master's degree in Sociology and J.D. degree in Law and must apply to each program separately. Although, students apply to each program separately, they may apply during the same admission period or they can apply to the M.A. program during the first year of law school.

The applications to the dual-degree program will include:

  • An application form with application fee
  • A statement of purpose-why students wish to be admitted to the JD/MA programs
  • Three letters of reference
  • LSAT or GRE scores
  • Official transcripts from undergraduate and graduate institutions attended

Good standing in the MA program requires a minimum of a 3.0 in the MA courses.

For more information contact:

Kelly K. Dineen, Assistant Dean
School of Law,

Richard A. Colignon, Chair
Sociology and Anthropology